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ThinQ Digital Media creates virtual and augmented reality solutions for businesses and organisations to enhance the marketing of services or products and develop new engagement experiences.


Improve how users visualize and therefore access your products and services.

Instruct and Guide

Redefine instruction, training, and coaching in your organisation, build interactive guides for your users.


Replace physical controls on products with an VR/AR solution utilising hand gestures and voice commands.


Visualise 3-D models to enhance your teams ability to evaluate and improve designs.


Improve the efficiency and accuracy of processes by attaching  information to physical locations.


Show predictive data generated by the product and visually guide technicians through repairs in real time.

About us

ThinQ Digital Media develops visrtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality solutions for a wide variety of customers.

ThinQ Digital Media has been developing and delivering solutions using standard programming tools for nearly 10 years to a wide variety of customers in several different industries. However, with the advent of the opportunities presented by mixed reality the company has developed expertise and capability in the delivery of projects using the technology.

When asked about their reasons for looking at AR/VR customers in a survey cited the following for starting development.


Greater Sales Revenue


Shortened Development Cycle


Enhance User Experience


Improved Training



Click on the links below to see a complete example of the solutions we deliver

Augmented Reality

Environmental Digital Content

Virtual Reality

Digital Immersion

Multi Platform

Mobile, Desktop, Headset


Legacy Delivery

Collaboration Solutions

The Virtual Meeting Rooms Platform - Collaboration for teams over any distance with any device in a virtual office.

meetingRoom Web Site

Virtual Meeting Rooms Platform

Explore our solution to collaboration in a virtual reality environment. To find out more about the future of work click on the link below to view the Virtual Meeting Rooms website.

The Team

ThinQ Digital Media employees cover a range of disciplines required in the development of AR, VR and mixed reality solutions. We employ project managers, 3D artists, software and audio engineers, video experts, platform specialists, UX designers and quality managers so you don't need to.

We manage the full range of projects, from simple engagements developing 3D models to full scale multi platform applications.



Environmental Digital Content



Immersive Digital Content



Unified AR and VR



Fast Response


Every project is different, and whilst we endevour to provide you with a cost effective solution, we do need to spend time with you to identify the scope of the project to identify possible timescales. We offer an initial free consultancy period to allow us to identify milestones and key deliverables. Contact us to find out more.

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